Our Top 5 Recent Wolves Transfer Rumours

We’re well into the transfer window and Wolves haven’t made a single signing. Moral panic has ensued and hundreds of Wolves fans have turned up to the gates of Kevin Thelwell’s house (who was on a scouting trip in Portugal last week) to demand answers. Of course, this isn’t the case but I reckon to give it a couple of weeks for a Twitter meltdown.

Nicolai Boilessen, who was previously linked with Wolves


There are a few rumours circling around but nothing seems to be concrete, much to the frustration of Wolves fans and I. Gone are the days of the board handling transfer negotiations in the public eye. Some of the rumours are far fetched, such as the João Félix shout and there are some, such as the Edson Alvarez rumours that seem to have some substance. We’ve been linked with some shite over the years, so I thought I’d round up some of my personal favourites from recent years.


1.Miroslav Klose

A strange one this. Wolves were set to be interested in German goalscoring royalty Miroslav Klose. He scored goals wherever he went, even late on into his career at Lazio, he was smashing them in for fun. So for him to be linked with a piss-poor Mick McCarthy side was somewhat flattering but also laughable. Klose was about to swap playing with Ribéry, Robben and Kroos to play with David Jones and Andy Keogh. The rumour was short-lived and he was actually linked with Wolfsburg, with the rumour being lost in translation. Who’d have thought it, Klose wasn’t actually coming to Wolves.


2. Nicolai Boilesen

The Danish flags were already up at the Express and Star headquarters back in 2016, as the paper reported that Wolves were on the verge of signing Danish International and Ajax’s captain Nicolai Boilesen. A real coup for a struggling Wolves side. It was a confusing time for Wolves fans, who were rumoured to have finalised a deal for non-other than John Akinde at the same time - quite the contrast. It turns out that the rumour was indeed fabricated nonsense and Boilesen’s career hasn’t quite hit the heights that it was tipped to do so.


3. Gareth Bale

This one has only surfaced recently. Journalists have put 2 and 2 together and somehow managed to get 103. Total bollocks. Bale, an international superstar has been pushed out as a Madrista, especially since the acquisition of Eden Hazard by Los Blancos. He’s reported to be on €600,000 a week so somehow can’t see him swapping the white of Madrid for the gold of Wolves anytime soon. Also, see Cristiano Ronaldo.


4. Anderson Talisca

That old chestnut. It’s not a Wolves transfer window without the mention of the lofty Brazilian.  Wolves were linked with Talisca in 2017 when he was on loan at Besiktas and was set to be the signing that put Wolves on the map. The rumour was that he couldn’t get a work permit so, therefore, couldn’t sign for Wolves but I’m not too sure that was the case. He’s scored a shit tonne of goals over in China since his move but I think even Dave Azzopardi could so don’t be too surprised to see us linked with a move for Talisca again this window.


5. Andre Silva

Honestly. Just give him any role at the club and be done with it. Sales assistant in the club shop just to quell the rumours and finally put it to bed. He’s 9/4 to join Wolves again this summer, as he is every summer and will continue to be until he probably kicked the bucket. I still think he’d be a great option for Wolves this season on loan. I think if ever this deal was to happen, it would be now.

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Images: Jens Dresling 


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